Monday, December 31, 2012


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new pearl bracelet // @breuninger confiserie with my boyfriend // my new nude Longchamp bag
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outfit for dinner with my boyfriend // new fashion lecture // my Christmas presents
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our Christmas tree // my Aigner leather bracelet still packed // outfit for first Christmas holiday 
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big shopping day // my present in its box // me in one of my favourite Burberry trenchcoats

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Second Christmas & hello Prada

Black suede ankle boots PRADA
Dark brown calf leather boots PRADA
Bow two-colored pumps PRADA
Black nylon metal and leather-detailed waist belt BURBERRY
Canvas-leather mix belt with sparkling details MAX MARA

It has become kind of a tradition thing for me to go shopping after Christmas holiday. My preferred destination has always been the Outletcity Metzingen. After Christmas you are able to snatch some goodies for low and further reduced prices. I guess it has passed about a half year since my last visit. A lot has changed: The buildings are more beautiful, better decorated and more organized than before. Moreover some new brands have made it here as Michael Kors, Coach and Prada. 
Having my pocket full of money, I was ready to enter the sales out there. To shorten it a little bit and to put it in a nutshell: I did my first Prada shopping. YEEEEES, I bought 3 pairs of shoes and was so amazingly happy. Do you know the little golden Prada logo at the back of the shoe? My ankle boot pair has it. In private and to be honest, that counts as a convincing reason for buying some pairs of Pradas, don't you agree?
By the way I've expanded my waist belt collection with two more babys: one Burberry and one more Max Mara.

I am a really lucky girl.Thinking of the past, I had been 16 when I bought my first designer bag (a Hugo Boss hobo bag) before I bought my first designer dress with 17 (a Chloé bold shoulder dress). By 18 I archived my Burberry trenchcoat and a Gucci dress and last year I got my very own Louis Vuitton. Now, being 20 I purchased three pairs of Prada shoes... Besides these milestones I certainly were able to buy some other label-loves for my big black beloved closed. This IS love - always has been... I cannot wait to earn my own well-deserved money after my studies... To be continued.
Happy New Year and bisous,


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gold for Christmas Eve

Gold-pleated and leather bracelet AIGNER
Gold-plated key necklace SWAROVSKI

I hope you had wonderful Christmas holidays with lots of tasty and delicious food and your beloved ones. I ate a lot during those three days. It's the only time in year when we ate Fondue and Racelette
On the one hand I couldn't wait for Christmas to arrive and getting my long-waited-for Aigner bracelet (those of you who are following me on Instagram had already known). However, on the other hand I had to say goodbye to my boyfriend who's left hometown to Los Angeles for four and a half month (he's studying abroad). He presented my this necklace because he had known how much I love it, isn't it cute? To be honest in my opinion this key rocks as well as Tiffanys' do. I will wear it as often as possible to remind myself that distance doesn't matter and I always have the key to his heart.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snowflake ball - an exclusive Christmas night

Snowflake Nucklebox Clutch ALEXANDER MCQUEEN
Silver emerald stone skull cocktail ring ALEXANDER MCQUEEN
Bandage dress HÉRVE LÉGER
Decolette 554 100 patent leather pumps CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN

After some warm days of being together with the family and the beloved ones there is time to switch on the computer again. I've already created this outfit in November but I've always thought that I would post it while some snowy and cold Saturday December afternoon. Well, dismissed. 
However, if I had a chance to I'd wear this outfit for an exclusive dinner or party night during the Christmas and New Year time. For me it's perfect and includes all necessary items: a Hervé Léger dress, Loubis and last but not least skully-detailed-accessories by the beloved (and one and only skull brand) Alexander McQueen. If I had been some super high society girl I would have definitely worn this breathtaking outfit.
Enjoy the further days.