Wednesday, May 02, 2012

New in my wardrobe: Ash Jeff Short Leather Western Boots

Jeff Short Leather Western BooASH

Sometimes I just wonder how fast your taste could change... for weeks,month and sometimes years you don't like some  "items" of fashion and you would never ever wear them... but than just by browsing through the internet or while shopping in city it hits you and you have to have it because it seems to be simply perfect and you visualize how many wonderful outfit you may create with this "item".
I just had this confrontation two weeks ago while I was browsing on Asos. I saw those pair of boots and knew "I have to have them". But that was strange because hadn't really liked those kind of shoes (for whatever reason). I waited a week until I finally ordered them and when they've arrived five days ago I was so happy. The leather is so soft and beautiful. Moreover this pair is soooo comfortable and the cording is such a eye-catcher. I've suddenly forget my doubts and yesterday I worn them for the first time combined to a white tunic with a waist belt and a pair of sheer black tights (and of course my Ray-Ban). This outfit is simply cool and so summer-like. Even my boyfriend took a fancy to that outfit (and he is sometimes a hypercritic).

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Diary of Mia said...

amazing boots
like them a lot!

Despina T. said...

cuties!lovely colour choice.

Spruso said...

Die sind echt super schick

FIONA said...

hey :) vielen vielen dank für deine lieben kommentare&fürs followen!! xx

Veronika said...

Nice boots! Waiting for outfit. :)

Veronika said...

Nice boots! Waiting for outfit. :)

Carolin said...

dankeschön ! :)

Amelie said...

love these boots and your blog!!
best wishes

Flaviana Boni said...

cool boots dear!

Check out my new post!

Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

I looove these boots they are gorgeous!!
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