Monday, May 28, 2012

New in my wardrobe: Zara Studded Sandal Made With Swarovski Elements

Studded sandal made with Swarovski elements ZARA

Today, it is (finally) my 20th birthday. I'll post some photos tomorrow. These sandals are one of my presents I got from my parents. I bought them on Saturday and it is kind of a funny story how I got to know them: I had already planned to go shopping on Saturday to find some presents. But as I was laying in my bed browsing through some blogs I recognized some sandals (not these ones) of Zara on a fashion blog (thank God there are fashion blogs!!). Well, while I was searching for the price on the homepage I suddenly saw these cuties and I knew from the moment I saw them that I have to have them. They look like one pair of those favorite Valentino sandals (and oh yes I love those shoes very much) but at reduced rate. Thankfully, I got a last pair of 40 (they were nearly out of stock with its two pair left).
Usually, I don't buy anything from Zara anymore because (in my opinion) the fabrics and the manufacture are too bad for those prices. I prefer spending more money on good quality (it looks even better) instead of spending hundreds of Euros on polyester. However, this time I was really content with the manufacture and the look. See you tomorrow
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Elegantesque said...

those shoes are stunning !



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Freya said...

wow, very beautiful :)

Mona said...

These shoes are amazing dear. I love them <3

Nessa said...

so hübsch....aber irgendwie hatte ich die letzten 2 jahre sandalen mit nieten und irgendwie mhmmmmm .____.
alle guten dinge sind 3? :D