Monday, June 18, 2012

New in my wardrobe: red look-a-like bandage Hervé Légere dress by French Connection

Ribbon-knit bandage dress FRENCH CONNECTION

In the last post I mentioned my new fancy-Hervé-Légere-look-a-like-dress. Here it is! It's simply magnifique and it was love at first sign. Especially the color of this dress is très amazing. One of my best girlfriends said that I had to take it because it's an wardrobe-must-have and she is so right! The quality is very high and you feel like you're wearing an Hervé.


Shadé said...

Ein solch schöner Blog! Großartig. Ich folge dir jetzt, du mir vielleicht auch?:)

Shadé said...

Such a great Blog! Wunderful. I follow you now, you too?:)

Anh said...

Your blog is truely amazing! Following now :)
As gorgeous is the dress *-*
Have a nice weekend! xx,Anh from tha.Darlinh