Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just another casual shopping day

White lace-detail top ESPRIT
Blue strech jeans ESPRIT
Monogram bag LOUIS VUITTON
Snake leather sneakers (new) YKX&CO.
Finally the exams are over! Yesterday, I wrote the last one and nearly three month of freedom are waiting for me now. Today, I went shopping with my boyfriend. We enjoyed the day and had a nice time. For a long shopping duration I like to dress comfortably and prefer sneakers (my new babys!) instead of heels or sandals. So you won't see something super spectacular or breathtaking. Just casual.
By the way, compared to my usual shopping habits I was very "well-behaved" and bought just one ring of Altelier Swarovski (you'll get in touch with this little piece of couture tomorrow). My boyfriend bought five pair of soccer shoes and further articles of clothing as trousers and Tees and and...
Hope you are enjoying your days bisous,
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you look amazing!
kisses from Milan

Veronika said...

You look pretty, nice and comfy outfit! :)

Luisa said...

sehr cooles Outfit, simpel & bequem aber trotzdem sehr hübsch! :) ich hoffe du geneießt deine neu gewonnenen Freizeit in vollen Zügen ;)

Sabrina T. said...


Patchwork à Porter

Andrea said...

you look beautiful :)

Elegantesque said...

lovely look



Elegantesque Blog


Anne Richman said...

Wow.. ♥

Gaby de Modacapital said...

great outfit, love your sneakers! :)