Monday, October 15, 2012

Bahama Mama


Oh my gosh, the days are passing by with full speed. Again, I've written nothing for a month here... Sorry about that. But no time for regrets. I've decided to publish a further section on my blog. It will be - as the name "nail couture" says - about my nails. In addition to that, I've set up an Instaram profil about my nails, too. Have a look and check out @NAIL__COUTURE.

But let's start with the actually post. To me my nails are holy and have always to look perfectly! No excuses. Once a week, I take and hour off to color them. This color is called Bahama Mama. Essie sells a really good quality and I like the handy brush.
Hope I'll see you soon. Bisous,

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FREYA said...

geile farbe und tolle ringe! :)