Tuesday, November 27, 2012

May I introduce you to one of the most inspiring online sites in the WWW

I don't want to keep this cute short video from you. The children are so cute, aren't they? And this little Anna Wintour at the end is so breathtakingly sweet. Moreover, the parody scene in the club is sooo genius. I love the way how they make fun about all those social networks. However, based on experience Tumblr, Instagram and all those other forums are important for finding inspiration.
By the way I love the coveteur! The homepage is awesome and I have followed its articles since I found the post and photos about Joanna Hillman. And I this article was one of the very first posts. I adore the closets and the shown items. Every single time (ok, expect of the mens' closets) I'd like to jump inside the photos and catch up every single item - or even better - I'd prefer to download illegally all the clothes
In my opinion the coveteur is one of the best online blogs out there! I hope it'll never stop taking those gorgeous closet close-ups!