Saturday, November 17, 2012

The power of accessories and shoes OR "Do you speak shopping?"

Mohair wool dress COS

pour le Shopping:
Golden "Lock me" bracelet LOUIS VUITTON
The Bayswater textured-leather bag MULBERRY
Louis studded suede sneakers CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN

pour le Diner:
Marquise spiked leather clutch CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN
"Just un clou" nail bracelet CARTIER
Textured leather ankle boots CHLOÉ

pour le Work:
Golden "Lock me" necklace LOUIS VUITTON
Leather bow belt CHLOÉ
XL Day Luxe leather tote THE ROW
Studded patent-leather and metal shoes VALENTINO

(I devote this post to my beloved boyfriend)
It's one of those beautiful days when you go shopping accompanied by your boyfriend after a delicious meal at your favorite restaurant. Suddenly, you see some shoes / jewelry / bags. You immediately know that you have to buy and own those babies... BUT... "Come on. You've got enough shoes / jewelry /bags. You don't need any further items." No, these aren't my thoughts but my boyfriend's. Always the same discussion. Because, unfortunately, men don't get that an orange Mulberry tote isn't the same as a Speedy damier canvas  Bandouliere bag of Louis Vuitton (except of that these two items are part of the category BAGS). Accessories and shoes vary in styles: Chic, sporty, elegant, casual, luxury, etc. That's the reason why women DO need so many different shoes, bags and jewelry. 
To visualize my point I did a little collage. There's this knit dress of COS: Very casual and a basic in a woman's wardrobe. By adding this suede sneakers of Louboutin and Mulberry's orange bag you get a comfy and sporty look. BUT by adding the golden Louis Vuitton bracelet the whole outfit gets more elegant and chic
Having a date or a business appointment?! Just by combining another type of shoes and bag you get a total different look 
Finally, there's no denying that there is an importance to own many many different clothes, shoes, etc. I think you got my point.


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