Monday, December 03, 2012

Call me a freak ... but LOULUS are family

(First and foremost SORRY for posting a video again, but I didn't want to hold it for a week and keep it away from you fashion guys.)

Well, I got my first Louis Vuitton last year as a present for finishing high school. I am so in love with my Neverfull GM. It's a classic and definitely not my last LV. At least, my dad said he will present me the next one after I will have finished my studies with a Bachelor degree (and one more for my Master degree). Owning a LV bag is love. I often touch my bag and smile at it (my boyfriend always makes fun of me by saying I am a way too cute when I start talking to my bags and clothes). Moreover, I gave my Neverfull (and all other LV bags) the nickname "Loulu (s)". Do not make fun about it, I am just a woman who has found real label love (by the way I call the Christian Louboutin heels "Loubies").

Finally, to return to the trail, this video is so lovely! Mira Duma, Elin Kling und Hannah Mustaparta are the pates of the Louis Vuitton Mini bag Collection. Furthermore  I adore the story and its scenes. They are all about my dreams. For example the bicycle ride with the LV Speedy 25 Monogram Empreinte in Paris. AAAAhw, just by thinking of me being part in this scene gives me butterflies in my stomach.
Enjoy the parisienne happiness as I do.

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Pretty Haute said...

This was an adorable commercial. xoxo