Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gold for Christmas Eve

Gold-pleated and leather bracelet AIGNER
Gold-plated key necklace SWAROVSKI

I hope you had wonderful Christmas holidays with lots of tasty and delicious food and your beloved ones. I ate a lot during those three days. It's the only time in year when we ate Fondue and Racelette
On the one hand I couldn't wait for Christmas to arrive and getting my long-waited-for Aigner bracelet (those of you who are following me on Instagram had already known). However, on the other hand I had to say goodbye to my boyfriend who's left hometown to Los Angeles for four and a half month (he's studying abroad). He presented my this necklace because he had known how much I love it, isn't it cute? To be honest in my opinion this key rocks as well as Tiffanys' do. I will wear it as often as possible to remind myself that distance doesn't matter and I always have the key to his heart.

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Sammie said...

very pretty jewelry,the necklace is gorgeous :)

closed said...

I love this bracelet :))

Cassy Workette said...

love these pieces

xo Cassy